Standard Trayformer


This is a reliable, time-tested, straightforward machine designed for around-the-clock performance. Finished trays are discharged in the upright position for easy loading and transfer. This trayformer is primarily designed for Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC), but is adaptable to a wide range of other tray styles. With speeds up to 42 trays per minute and a wide range of options, this machine demonstrates its value and keeps production costs down.

High Speed Trayformer


The fondly named "rocket launcher" model is designed for simplicity and speed. With speeds up to 55 trays per minute and mostly mechanical operation, this machine will provide a continuous flow of trays and reliable operation for many years. All while keeping machine operation simple and employing an uncomplicated maintenance schedule..

Corner Post Trayformer


This model is designed to produce the stout corner-post trays utilized in many industries for increased stacking strength. While the standard model is a time-tested machine that has undergone only minor improvements since first released over 20 years ago for tomato boxes, SPMC has also developed large format corner post machines designed for the heavier demands of meat packaging. With speeds up to 40 trays per minute, this machine is known for ease of operation and solid performance.

Six Corner Trayformer


Six-Corner box forming machines use a single flat sheet to form a lidded "clam-shell" box in a two-stage process. The first stage is, essentially, a slightly modified TE-700-VF trayformer used to close the outside flaps, then the tray is transferred to the second stage to close the inner flaps and form the body of the tray. The standard six corner is a workhorse that will not exhaust the maintenance team, but keep the production lines full. For speeds up to 28 CPM see the TE-700-6C-HS below.

High Speed Six Corner Trayformer


This is a high speed version of the standard six corner machine with speeds up to 28 cartons per minute.

TE-700-VF-Shoulder Trayformer


Developed from the proven concept of the TE-700-VF, this two-stage machine is designed to form a tray in the standard manner and then fold and glue "shoulder" flaps back to the main tray. There are several types of shoulders requiring a number of variations in design, but all are based on the same concept. With speeds up to 22 trays per minute, this machine is designed to provide consistent tray forming and painless operation.

Bliss Trayformer


This trayformer variation is used to form a three piece carton which is mostly used in meat packing applications. The carton is made by gluing two end panels to the carton body forming a very sturdy carton. The carton is typically designed with an integral lid. A bliss machine has a larger footprint than a typical trayformer due to the addition of side panel conveyors, a hopper preload station, and top sheet feeder.

The top sheet feeder and preload station allow for full stacks of body blanks to be loaded at one time. Preload station pallet-loading capability is an option for this machine. With speeds of up to 32 cases per minute and solid construction, the Bliss trayformer is the foundation of many effective packaging lines.

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