Case Erector

SPMC is constantly striving to stay with the latest technology in order to provide our customers with unmatched state of the art packaging equipment.

SPMC specializes in Case Erectors with the capability of customizing for special projects / applications. Case erectors are the core product in the SPMC line when it comes to box erecting. We are experienced building case erectors for extra small to extra tall cases with a wide range of speed capabilities. The SPMC box erector can also be integrated with SPMC case loaders, providing ultra-compact systems for loading products into corrugated cases. There are a number of customized case erecting systems available to fit your needs.

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Case Sealer

These machines offer a reliable and efficient way to seal cases after the packaging process.

Carton sealing machines, commonly known as case sealers, are packaging machines that fold and seal the top lids of your packed cartons. These machines offer a reliable and efficient way to seal cases after the packaging process.

Whether you pack a variety of box sizes or a single standard box, SPMC has the case sealer that fits your needs. Available in both automatic and semi-automatic formats, Case Sealers eliminate the need to use messy hand-held tape guns. SPMC works with you to find the right case sealing system to suit your needs.

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Partition Inserter

Our partitions inserters can be fully integrated into your bottling lines and improve their productivity.

Compact and reliable, our machines shape and insert economical partitions from 6 to 24 bottles with the highest accuracy, and at the same time provide simple and quick format changes. Every model can be customized in order to operate with containers already inserted in the cases and also when the partition must be inserted before the product.

The large number of prestigious references worldwide are the clearest evidence of the high quality and reliability of SPMC technologies.

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Wrap Around Case Packer

User-friendly accessibility for maintenance and cleaning purposes, ergonomic material loading and very flexible as infinitely adjustable format setting.

Wrap-around case packers for packing products such as bags, boxes, cups, flow-wraps and rigid containers into wrap-around cases. By means of suitable loading systems, products can be positioned into the case flat, on edge or standing up on one or multiple layers. Depending upon project specifications, the machine can run trays, economy flap cases or hinged lid cases. The machine fills the trays and cases safe with products of various formats of the food and non-foods sector.

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Advanced machine programming and diagnostics are available in multiple configurations.

SPMC tray forming machines ensure perfect trays with straight sides and properly applied glue for optimum tray packing and square, stable loads. SPMC tray formers will form side slotted, end slotted and design style trays in various configurations to accommodate the agriculture, food processing and distribution industries.

We specialize in the conceptual development, design, and manufacture of high quality equipment including trayformers, tray closers, flap closers, and rotary carton openers.

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Bliss Trayformer

High quality, name brand components and easy to maintain.

Fully Automatic Tray Former has end or side insert panels, straight or triangular corner inside flanges, extended top flaps, and HSC lidding. These tray forming machines are built for heavy duty round-the-clock production using the latest in design and manufacturing technology. Wexxar’s ABH Tray Forming equipment is built with servo motion control for fast, accurate box forming.

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